Okay, today I want to share something that I pretty much think would be beneficial to everyone who read this entry especially those who are Malaysians.

We know that recently Malaysian government has started to block access to certain filesharing sites including the most used file sharing website Megaupload and few other sites such as ThePirateBay. This block is more to the claims that these sites promotes piracy and should not be allowed. What do you think?

Well, I’m not going to talk about that actually, what I am more interested in here is how to bypass their block. You see, they have the block at DNS level which means there are ways to bypass it like using proxy based apps like Ultrareach (ultrareach.net), using proxy servers like Tor (torproject.org) and the most easier and the best way is to use other DNS servers such as OpenDNS or Google DNS.

Wait, those are for laptops, mac, PCs but how about for mobile? Can I change DNS for my 3G connection? The answer is yes you can with SetDNS (or SetDNS Pro) for Android.

SetDNS is the easiest way to force your rooted phone to use custom nameservers such as Google DNS on WiFi AND 3G/mobile networks. It preserves your custom nameserver information when using both wireless and 3g/edge mobile connection. SetDNS is the easiest way to force your rooted phone to use public dns on your android devices. The app comes in 2 versions Free and Pro/Donate, both includes settings for google, opendns, opendns family shield, fooldns settings, your own custom DNS servers and option to revert back to DHCP. The Pro version includes widgets that will show the current DNS state and it allow you to make  nameserver changes by clicking the appropriate widget.

This app doesn’t change *any* system files (unlike some DNS apps), so you don’t need to back up your nameserver details. Just reverting back to DHCP will go back to your normal network settings.

SetDNS showing Google DNS in use

OpenDNS Family Shield settings is suitable to filter adult or inappropriate content on the phone. You might be using your phone as a router and share it with your family’s laptops, iPads or phones so by turning on this setting, none of your wifi users will “accidentally” opened inappropriate content on the internet.

Using alternative nameservers like Google DNS or OpenDNS can dramatically speed up your browsing depends on the websites you’re visiting. As Google DNS servers are in the USA, you probably will see faster browsing speed when you browse international sites and vice versa. The best thing here is you can also bypass local DNS filters such as SKMM blocks towards file sharing websites.


Please note, entering the wrong nameserver details can break your internet settings.

Also, some mobile operators run web access via a proxy server, in which case the nameservers on the phone can be less relevant. *In particular, testing against sites such as opendns will fail if going through a mobile carrier’s proxy*


So, if you are using Android and most of the times you are sharing your data connection with laptops or other peripherals, this program is for you and it’s FREE!

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